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ANNO 1992


We are confident, that your property is unique by its physical and operational characteristics, tenant composition and position in the market. By choosing Interbaltija support for development of any kind of real estate, you will gain:

  • the best of available architects, engineers, lawyers, financial and tax expert services;
  • specially created team, that will satisfy your needs and set you free form complicated daily decisions regarding designing, building, marketing and legal issues, will follow up the aspects of quality and costs;
  • periodic reports, that will make a logical and accurate picture about our business activities;
  • optimal plan of project implementation, which are meeting risk and profit demands of our customers;
  • savings from the project implementation budget.



Main scopes

Private and commercial property sales and acquisition, development of new projects, renovation of existing buildings, administration and managing, consultations regarding real estate development issues. Every decision made by planning, designing and building, influences the quality of object under development, timeline, budget and profitability in future. Our goal is to save your time and money, to sustain and improve the value of assets.


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Development services

  • Private and commercial property sales and acquisition
  • Development of new projects
  • Renovation of existing buildings
  • Improvement of tenant composition
  • Administration and managing
  • Consultations regarding real estate development issues


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Ainars Skapars

Partner, board director,

one of founders

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Janis Motte

Partner, project manager,

one of founders

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Aivars Balodis

Partner, project manager,

one of founders

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