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ANNO 1992


The Interbaltija experienced team of professionals will help you to find your path to maximum profitability of your real estate and best choice for property acquisition, according to current investment criteria. Cooperation with Interbaltia is characterized by:

  • Personalized treatment and responsibility: we are dedicating special atention to You by building relationships based on trust, as high level consultants.
  • Knowledge: maxmum representation of your interests will be provided in legal and financial aspects - attracting, organizing and managing required types of complex transactions.
  • Experience: we listen to your needs and accurately develop a detailed strategy to archieve the objectives set.

Investments in real estate provides stability of investment portfolio and long term increase in value.A professionally managed real estate provides good cash flow indicators and potects against fluctuations in the financial market.


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Consulting service includes:

  • Market research
  • Finding investment projects
  • Due dilligence
  • Realizing investment projects
  • Capital attraction
  • Asset management
  • Construction management
  • Investment project promoting in the market
  • Provision of cash flow


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Mark Tarvids

Board director, Manager of central office

Phone: (+371) 67 50 60 70 (+371) 29 52 33 56


Aivars Balodis

Partner, project manager,

one of founders

Phone: (+371) 67 31 65 20 (+371) 29 22 99 47