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Construction expertise

Interbaltija offers construction expertise service, that will help you to find out the real quality of construction in short time, compliance with the law, as well as current condition of building. Our experts will make accurate valuation of project and estimated costs, construction and assembling, renovation and finishing works.

We are offering different kind of construction expertise services- starting from visual inspection to building foundation verification. The expertise of carried construction helps not only to evaluate building objectively, but also make prognoses of issues related with its further exploitation, for example- possible violations and emergencies. Guiding by results of construction expertise, optimal troubleshooting solutions can be made. The technical evaluation by our independent experts will let you protect yourself from purchasing shoddily built real estate, but if you are going to sell newly constructed building- it will give additional value.


Construction expertise service will help you in fallowing cases:

  • purchasing or selling real estate;
  • quality control of construction;
  • preparation for overhaul;
  • preparation of necessary documentation for court (determination of the damage caused to the building, poor quality construction etc.).



  • our team consists only of competent, trustworthy and reliable professionals.
  • 20+ years experience in providing real estate services in Latvia.
  • we ensure fast order fullfillment time.

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Our mission is satisfied costumer, so we guarantee the quality and compliance with time-limits for work entrusted to us!


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