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ANNO 1992

Completed objects

Interbaltija Ltd. specialists have more than 20 year experience in real estate field. Interbaltija Ltd. has successfully realized more than 16 real estate projects. The ruling role in choice of projects has always been place, place and again place.


Kr. Valdemara street 37 and 37A

Valdemara 37 and 37A were first buildings that have been renovated in art nouveau in Riga. In courtyard house on Valdemara 37A was liquidated communal and restored historical apartments. Whereas in street building were created first  modern bureaus in Riga. Buildings were renovated in 1994-1996.

Merkela street 21

Building on Merkela street 21 Interbaltija Ltd. obtained in 1997. Previously here was Riga city 5th hospital. Interbaltija Ltd. planned inner premises, its upper floors and created bureau premises, but lower floor was rebuilt to suit for shops suitable premises. Building was renovated in 1998.

Martas street 5

One of the first best examples in renovation of historical wooden buildings. Interbaltija Ltd. made sure that the demolition of the building was not realized. Building’s wooden facade was renovated preserving its historical look. For this reason wooden building on Martas street is included in tourism route “Wooden buildings in Riga center”. Building was renovated in 1998.

Kalku street 7

Before reconstruction housing property Kalku street 7 was burned out and with water full slum without windows and doors. Interbaltija Ltd. renovated the building and its facade to historical look, arranged bureau premises and ensured preservation of historical medieval prison cellar. Building was renovated in 2001.

Kalku street 10

It is known that until 1940 in this house was working third oldest pharmacy in Riga. During building’s renovation were reconstructed its facade in historical look and fully arranged inner premises, reconstructed connection between the building and Konventa seta.

Kalku street 11

In the 18th – 19th century built living house on Kalku street 11 used to be bureau and shop building. During architectonic artistic inventorization in its inner premises were discovered wall paintings. Renewing building’s facade and inner premises Interbaltija Ltd. preserved historical inner premise finishing details and prospection exposed fragments of wall paintings.

Tirgonu street 11/13, 15

Still in 1998 on Tirgonu street were standing four from yellow bricks built house frameworks. Interbaltija Ltd. undertook its renovation, but building’s facade was reconstructed according to its historical look and historical housing projects. In buildings were arranged shop and bureau premises. Building was renovated in 2002.

Tirgonu street 17

In this building were arranged apartment and shop premises. Whereas, in cellar historical vine storeroom walls  establish medieval restaurant “Rozengrals”.


Brivibas street 139

In former bicycle factory, later in printing-house premises on Brivibas street 139, Interbaltija Ltd. arranged 21 apartment with high ceilings and wide premises. Main facade of upright art novae building on Brivibas street were preserved without changes. Building “Bulvāru residence” was reconstructed in 2006.

Brivibas street 139 – courtyard

From courtyard side there are two stairways with newly built glass construction incorporated panorama lifts.

Audeju street 8

When Interbaltija Ltd. purchased building on Audeju street 8, it for many years were standing without partition walls with partially demolished coverings and with cardboard on roof. In many conclusions this object was considered to be helpless, but Interbaltija Ltd. decided to reconstruct it. Until reconstruction historical building was near collapse, therefore its reconstruction received appreciation from special experts and society. LBA in 2002 nomination ”Restoration” gave 1st place “Best construction of the year 2002”.

Ranka dambis 9

We chose River Park as title for our project because it more precisely reflects its location – near Daugava and park. Reconstruction of apartment house was launched in autumn 2013. Date of commissioning – September 2014.