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Full service real estate company

ANNO 1992


Interbaltija is full service real estate Company, working in the market more than 20 years. Our team of professionals completely manages real estate business in Latvia. High professional level is confirmed, not only by years of experience, but also by certificates of international “Recognized European Valuer” (REV) and Latvian Real Estate Association (LANIDA).

We perfectly manage/ are in charge of/ the changing real estate market in Latvia, and we can provide both for consumers and sellers most suitable solutions, how to act in today’s competitive real estate market:


  • we provide real estate valuation in all territory of Latvia and valuation in all sectors/ branches of your business;
  • we will help independent from the aim of evaluation-loan guaranty, property insurance, decision- making  on purchasing, selling or managing property;;
  • we are working in different kinds of real estate segments/branches, including private and commercial property, apartment buildings, mixed investment objects and development properties;;
  • we provide the highest level of customer service, by careful monitoring of cash flow, the audit of completed projects, reasonable management, preparing reports;
  • we will answer on any of our clients question and provide consistent competitive market price for properties in their segment;
  • we will find investment opportunities, attract, organize and accomplish complicated deals and acquisition projects, by representing legal and financial interest of our clients;
  • we are estimating the costs of project, exploring the economical usefulness, making strategically planning, drawing up business plan and cost control, providing team leadership in all stages of construction, commissioning, marketing and sales;
  • we provide our customers with a logical and accurate picture of our business activity results in the form of periodic reports;
  • we highly rate the team work, discipline and responsibility in all aspects of business;
  • we believe that our clients deserve the highest level representation and support, providing excellent results, that meets our client tasks and objectives as well as beats them.


Our goal is to provide innovative and creative approach, high professional skills and resolution, that is significant elements of success in any segment of market. We are ready to face with new challenges and undertake responsibility for leading new investment projects through all stages of development.  Our everyday work is defined by commitment, respect of each other and standards of professional quality.



Your assets value preservation and promotion, by acting on your behalf.


Properties at low and medium risk level with additional value.


The basic of our philosophy is full service- integrated approach and professional services are giving all chances to improve the value of assets. The teamwork of Interbaltija is based on planning, accurate performance and control, consequence, perseverance and determination, as well as interests of our clients and assessment of trust.



We achieve our objectives, by implementing individually fitted marketing,
administration and maintenance procedures for each customer.